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"Ikaten Drift 25th Compilation" iPad app is now available.

"Ikaten Drift 25th Compilation DVD" appeared now iPad app! from Japan.
Now on Sale! $4.99(Usually $11.99)

"Hashiri-ya team heaven" is Japan's most famous drivers team tournament. This VIDEO app is the culmination of the 25th anniversary of "Hashiri-ya team heaven". The condensed into 125 minutes, from "first tournament" to "140th Shikoku tournament". It is recording, Act of barbarism when they are young. Orido and Taniguchi would not want to see anyways. in addition recording, Intense crash of the editorial department selected. "why this happened?" Laughing Miracle crash.

The promises 125 minutes of a burst of laughter!
Spectacle show omnibus recorded, include 154 crash shots selected
1. "King of Drift Driving" Tsuchiya Highlights
2. Mana P Highlights
3. Orido Highlights
4. Nomuken Highlights
5. NOBUTERU Highlights
6. Eccentric weirdo Highlights
7. Organization crash highlights
8. Miracle crash highlights
Special recording: 2003 D1 organization total 600 million yen crash
Secondary audio: Inside story

This app is one that was recorded the contents of the January 2014 release of "Ikaten Drift 25th Compilation DVD". You can enjoy as well as DVD version, but we had to optimize the recorded data. Please be forewarned.


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